Deluxe Thermo Boxes - *New Lower Price*

Our new Thermo Box range is made from EPP (expanded polypropylene) which is an excellent insulator just like our Polystyrene boxes. Thermo boxes are suitable for any kind of hot or cold catering and are robust enough to be reused over and over again.

If you would like to discuss your temperature controlled packaging needs with customer services please call the number above or use our contact form.


Whether you're catering for small or large events, weddings, hospitals or schools we should have a thermo box to match your requirements. The Thermo Boxes insulation cannot be beaten and can be relied upon to transport your foods from kitchen to consumer maintaining a stable temperature and food quality.


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1.5kg Standard Deluxe Box

1.5kg Standard Deluxe Box£28.03   £19.49

5kg Special Deluxe Box

5kg Special Deluxe Box£42.59   £29.81

20kg Standard Deluxe Box

20kg Standard Deluxe Box£47.78   £33.45

10kg Standard Deluxe Box

10kg Standard Deluxe Box£55.28   £38.70

12kg Standard Deluxe Box

12kg Standard Deluxe Box£59.21   £41.44

15kg Long Deluxe Box

15kg Long Deluxe Box£75.84   £53.09

20kg Long Deluxe Box

20kg Long Deluxe Box£77.76   £54.43

25kg Long Deluxe Box

25kg Long Deluxe Box£83.08   £58.16


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

View and compare our size range and cost of Deluxe Boxes below:

Polystyrene Box List


Small Deluxe Food Box 340 x 255 x82 mm 305 x220 x 60mm   1 (sample)  
20 (parcel)  
140 (pallet)     
5kg Special Deluxe Food Box 500x 300 x 165mm 465x 265 x 130mm   1 (sample)  
10 (parcel)  
88 (pallet)  
10kg Medium Food Box 590x390 x165mm 545x350 x 115mm   1 (sample)  
5 (parcel)  
50 (pallet)  
12kg Catering Box 590x390 x 205mm 545x 350 x 155mm   1 (sample)  
4 (parcel)  
40 (pallet)  
15KG Long 790x395 x 190mm 730x335 x 130mm   1 (sample)  
5 (parcel)  
35 (pallet)  
20KG EPP Box 575x 360 x 238mm 525x 305 x 195mm   1 (sample)  
4 (parcel)  
40 (pallet)  
Big Catering Box 790x 395 x 225mm 730x 335 x 165mm   1 (sample)  
4 (parcel)  
28 (pallet)  
Large Catering Food Box 790x 395 x 255mm 730x 335 x 195mm   1 (sample)  
3 (parcel)  
21 (pallet)