Non-Hydrated Ice Guide

Guide to Using Non-Hydrated Ice Sheets

Our non hydrated ice sheets have many benefits over the more traditional freezer pad:

  • By placing sheets under, around or on top of your products, the freezer pads evenly control the temperature of all the food in the box.
  • They don’t melt so there is no risk of soggy packaging or damage to other items. 
  • It can be wrapped around food helping to protect it whilst on the move.
  • Even when defrosted, they maintain an inherent coldness within the gel making it ideal for use at picnics, BBQs and outdoor catering events.

Trade benefits include:

  • It is easily stored. A box of non hydrated ice sheets is the equivalent of a pallet of water filled packaging.
  • You control costs by using exactly what you need in sheet form or from the perforated roll.

Easy to use - 4 simple steps

One of the main advantages of non hydrated ice sheets is that it is extremely safe and easy to handle. All you need is water and a freezer. 

  1. If you have purchased a roll, tear off exactly what you need.
  2. Soak the dry ice sheets for 10 minutes in fresh water.
  3. Freeze as low as minus 40°c If freezing more than one pad, place plastic film or waxed paper between layers of sheet and always stack them silver laminate to fabric. (Remove plastic film before use.) Do not place on bare metal until frozen.
  4. Pack the frozen pads above your product (fabric side down), as cold sinks downwards. To keep cold for longer periods place another sheet under your product.

CAUTION: Freezing pads below minus 15°C may burn uncovered skin.

For Best Results 

  1. To completely insulate the pack, we recommend that you use one of our polystyrene boxes which seals totally enclosing your product and the Non-hydrated pads.
  2. Seal the pack with tape to make sure it stays closed throughout the journey.
  3. For maximum effectiveness the polystyrene packs should be chilled down before packing.
  4. For longer transit time, place an additional refrigerant sheet underneath as well as on top of your products.

NB: The above points are the ideal steps for maximum effect and should keep your product well under 5°C for as long as 48 hours. However, good results can also be achieved using cardboard boxes and plastic containers.

Non hydrated ice