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Page 1 of 1:    4 Items

If you are seeking an alternative solution then it might be worth considering waxed cardboard.

These boxes have been specially treated to make them water proof, they will not go soggy and damp like traditional card might when exposed to moisture.

While they do not insulate as well as a polystyrene box, they do flat-pack. So if your storage space is limited, waxed cardboard is another option you might like to consider.


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Waxed Cardboard Box List


 Stone Waxed Cardboard Box 363 x 245 x 61mm 353 x 236 x 58mm   1 (sample)  
30 (parcel)  
900 (pallet)  
1 Stone Waxed Cardboard Box 380 x 235 x 92mm 372 x 232 x 90mm   1 (sample)  
40 (parcel)  
900 (pallet)  
2 Stone Waxed Cardboard Box 457 x 305 x 127mm 449 x 297 x 120mm   1 (sample)  
38 (parcel)  
874 (pallet)  
4 Stone Waxed Cardboard Box 620 x 390 x 150mm 615 x 385 x 145mm   1 (sample)  
27 (parcel)  
324 (pallet)