Gastronorm Friendly Deluxe Boxes

6 March 2013  |  Admin

Our Deluxe Boxes are Gastronorm Friendly

Did you know that our deluxe range of boxes will accommodate a wide variety of your stainless steel Gastronorm containers and lids? To this end, we have put together a helpful brochure that shows you the compatibility of our deluxe boxes with the Gastronorm catering containers.

Download here: Gastronorm Deluxe Box List (pdf)

Our boxes can be used with both stainless steel and polycarbonate Gastronorm trays and are ideal for catering industry for buffet style food displays.

The ultimate solution for the delivery of hot catering where strict temperature control guidelines are required.

These boxes are of excellent quality and will make an excellent first impression with your customers.

Gastronorm Trays Deluxe Box Friendly