Customer Focus

1 July 2013  |  Admin
Home Made Hedgehog House

Here's another unique alternative use for a polystyrene box. One of our customers has converted one of our 6kg poly boxes into a deluxe hedgehog house.

30 May 2013  |  Admin
Home Made Chick Brooder from a Poly Box?

Supplying hatching chicks to schools. read how the Educational Egg has made a home made brooder from a poly box.

20 July 2012  |  Admin
Battery Chicken Rescuer Converts Poly Box into an Incubator

Feature on how one customer who rescues battery chickens bought a poly box and coverted it into an incubator.

3 November 2011  |  Admin
Reptile Transport Boxes

Use a Polystyrene Box to maintain a stable temperature for your reptiles during transport.