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1 May 2013  |  Admin
Ice Sheets and Gel Packs

Explore our small range of ice packs to determine which is right for you. Keep your produce fresh during transit.

6 March 2013  |  Admin
Gastronorm Friendly Deluxe Boxes

Great news, our Deluxe EPP Catering Boxes will accomodate all sorts of Gastronorm containers.
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26 September 2012  |  Admin
Poly Boxes for Individuals Sending Food by Mail

Whether you are a business or an individual, JB Packaging supply a wide range of poly boxes suitable for packaging food in transit as well as a variety of other applications.

23 August 2012  |  Admin
Speciality Food Packaging Range Extended

Discover our new speciality food packaging range.

3 November 2011  |  Admin
Reptile Transport Boxes

Use a Polystyrene Box to maintain a stable temperature for your reptiles during transport.

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