Battery Chicken Rescuer Converts Poly Box into an Incubator

20 July 2012  |  Admin

Customer Feature: Converting a 25kg Poly Box into an Incubator


JB Packaging covers a wide variety of market sectors, and from time to time we get a customer contact us with a unique use for one of our poly boxes. The most recent was from customer Sheila Lupton who purchased a 25kg polystyrene box and converted into a home-made incubator.

Sheila explained, “it all started with us rescuing battery chickens who were often bald and in a poor state when we received them, however with a little TLC they soon thrived. Eventually we were offered a Cockerel and it was then we decided to start hatching out our own chicks”.

Beginning with chickens eggs before moving onto goose eggs, Sheila started to hatch the eggs naturally with some success, however to ease the process she started looking into buying an incubator.

Choosing an Incubator

The incubator she purchased cost nearly £200 but she soon found it was unsuitable as the components inside blocked the view from the outside preventing her from seeing what was going on. It was then that she decided to look into making her own improved incubator for her needs.

After some research the first prototype incubator was created from an old polystyrene fish box which allowed Sheila to learn from any mistakes which were made. Soon enough she set about creating the second incubator with a 25kg poly box and components such as lamp holders, a wafer thermostat, viewing windows, water container and even an old computer fan.

The Results

The research and the prototype paid off leaving Sheila with a working incubator which has successfully hatched eggs and left her with many cute goslings running around.

Satisfied with the quality of the box, Sheila explains why she chose the poly box, “the reason for using polystyrene is that it is easily cleaned and disinfected and of course can be used time and time again”.

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