Home Made Chick Brooder from a Poly Box?

30 May 2013  |  Admin

Customer Feature: How a Hake Box Became a Home Made Brooder

You might be forgiven for thinking that poly boxes are suited only to the transport of food; however there are many other uses for poly boxes which include transport boxes for reptiles and in this case with a bit of tweaking, a home made chick brooder.

Introducing The Educational Egg

The aptly named Educational Egg are a volunteer organisation who give educational talks and supply incubators, eggs and related hatching equipment to schools, nurseries and retirement homes. Seeing an egg hatch is an amazing experience for anyone of any age, however for children it can be a special experience opening up an insight into life and nature.

The Educational Egg visit different schools and retirement homes educating children and adults through in-depth talks and allowing the fascinating observation of a fragile egg hatching into a cute fluffy chick that will one day grow into a chicken.

Making a Home Made Chick Brooder from a Poly Box

Taking advantage of the insulation properties of polystyrene, The Educational Egg were looking for alternative brooders and decided to purchase a Hake box from JB Packaging and convert it into a home-made chick brooder as a trial. As you can see from the pictures, the trial was a resounding success and the Hake box proved to have ample capacity for 12 chicks or 30 baby quails.

The Educational Egg are now looking to replace all of their brooders with similar converted Hake poly boxes. Learn more about the Educational Egg and our Hake polystyrene boxes.


Hake Box Converted into Home Made Brooder Hake Box Converted into Home Made Brooder

Hake Box Converted into Home Made Brooder