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1 July 2013  |  Admin

A Home for Hedgehogs

Cat shelters, Chick Brooding Boxes and now Hedgehog Houses – Yes, polystyrene boxes have another unique use.

JB Packaging’s polystyrene boxes are most commonly used for transporting food produce because of the thermal property of the material. However these insulating properties also make them perfect for a hedgehog house – yes these cute prickly creatures need a home too.

As hedgehogs feed on insects and these become scarce to find during the winter especially in the snow (which seemed to appear more and more this year) they have no alternative but to hibernate to survive the winter.


Where do Hedgehogs Hibernate?

Hedgehogs’ nests are usually made from leaves, grass and various other plants. However they will also nest in semi-manmade structures which are normally wooden and very expensive to buy. This inventive use of a polystyrene box is the perfect alternative to give hedgehogs a cosy environment to hibernate for the winter protecting them from the extreme temperatures at night.

Natasha a volunteer from a hedgehog rescue centre purchased the 6kg polystyrene boxes she says “I use your boxes to release winter-rescued hedgehogs back to their gardens in spring. I have several in my own garden and on cold nights, hedgehogs often prefer these to the expensive wooden houses costing £40 or more!”

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Homemade Hedgehog House