Ice Sheets and Gel Packs

1 May 2013  |  Admin

Keeping it cool for longer

Polystyrene boxes and ice sheets go together like cheese and crackers, fish and chips and Bill and Ben. Especially at this time of year when the weather is making a valliant effort to get a bit warmer a cooling medium inside your boxes becomes that much more important.

There is nothing worse that your high quality fresh produce arriving with your customers in a less than perfect condition, not to mention the health risks of chilled and frozen foods going above recommended temperature during transit.

We currently stock 3 different types of Ice Sheets

  • Non Hydrated Gel Pads
  • Non Hydrated Gel Strips
  • Ready Hydrated Ice Sheets

The non-hydrated gel packs are filled with absorbent beads that absorb water when soaked. It takes just 10 minutes for these pads and strips to fill with water before they are ready to be frozen.

Our pre-hydrated ice sheets can be frozen straight away and are a cost effective solution to your temperature controlled packaging needs.

3 Step Packing Best Practise

1. Ensure you are using the right size of poly box so there are no big air voids and that the lid is secured tightly with tape or strapping.

2. For maximum effectiveness the poly box and contents should be refrigerated before dispatch.

3. Add another quantity of strips or pads under as well as above your goods.


By following this best practise you should be able to keep your produce under the recommended 5°C for up to 48 hrs*

*We cannot take any responsibility for the condition that your products arrive to your customers in, these are only recommendations and we would like to stress that you should always conduct your own transit trials.

Read our non-hydrated ice guide for further information and usage instructions.

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