Insulated Catering Boxes Posh Nosh Case Study

17 April 2019

Posh Nosh East Midlands have been supplying party, wedding and corporate catering for nearly two decades ensuring that food reaches its destination fresh and in prime condition.

Having previously used refrigerated vans and plastic bread trays to deliver food into events, (a method still typical in the catering industry today) Posh Nosh found that although food would be fine in transit it would however require eating straight away upon delivery which wasn’t very practical.

Posh Nosh East Midlands decided to source an insulated EPP box alternative via JB Packaging. Insulated EPP catering boxes are known for their reliability and durability, making them a great choice for the hot and cold catering industry. The inherent strength and other properties of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) means that these boxes can be used repeatedly as an integral part of a catering operation and keep food fresh.
EPP catering boxes are food contact safe, washable, reusable and lightweight for easy handling. Most importantly however they offer outstanding thermal performance that maintains the temperature of the contents for longer than alternatives like cool bags and continue to be one of the most popular solutions to safely transport perishable food products.

Posh Nosh East Midlands quickly realised the need for a bespoke EPP box solution which JB Packaging was able to fulfil as part of the DS Smith Plastics Foam Products business who can mould custom box sizes to suit a business’s requirements.

Having discussed the various options available, DS Smith worked with Posh Nosh closely to provide a durable catering box solution which would also compliment their brand and strengthen their delivery image.
This new returnable, thermally efficient EPP box offered peace of mind for Posh Nosh and their end customers, knowing that regardless of outside temperatures, delivery distance or inevitable event delays that their food will be chilled and in perfect condition when the time comes to eat.

Reusable Insulated Catering Boxes

Moulded in bright green (a corporate colour) which reinforces the freshness of the contents inside, the Posh Nosh logotype is also embossed into the box completing an eye-catching professional delivery experience for the customer.

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