Insulated Food Packaging Are you ready for the Festive Season

26 November 2018

As an ecommerce business owner, if you are anything like us the next 5 weeks are likely to be your busiest time of year so it’s essential you are ready to handle the flood of orders. Whatever you do, don’t leave it till the last minute. If you haven’t got everything ready then now is the time to plan ahead so you have adequate temperature controlled packaging to ship any perishables as soon as the orders start rolling in.

We’ll answer your most burning JBP holiday FAQ’s, to help you keep your cool this holiday season.

When should I order my poly boxes?

You probably know the answer already, “as soon as possible”. In the build up to the holidays our couriers have a huge volume of deliveries to fulfil, so most of them extend their delivery times to increase capacity. However it is the unforeseen problems caused by traffic and bad weather that can cause frequent shipping delays causing you and your customer’s unnecessary stress .

At JB Packaging our typical shipping lead times are two to four working days, however because this is the busiest time of year unfortunately these times cannot be guaranteed.

Under normal circumstance three to four working days for delivery of our boxes is likely for in-stock items. It is a good idea to check your dates when you expect the ramp up to begin and then count four working days back on your calendar and order then.

Double check your courier and the postal services seasonal holiday cut off dates to ensure your high quality produce arrives at its destination prior to Christmas.

For your personal reference Royal Mails last Christmas posting date for 2nd Class letters and parcels is Tuesday 18th December and you can find Royal Mails other delivery dates here.

Short on boxes with an influx of orders?

Order volumes greater than expected? Don’t panic if you are running  low on insulated  food packaging,  JB Packaging hold large stocks of poly boxes in all sizes and we have a next day delivery option available on all our pallet quantities.

Our last shipping dates before Christmas are…...

11:30AM 18th December for parcel deliveries
11:30AM 20th December for pallet deliveries

Orders placed after these dates will be despatched in the New Year.

Don’t delay, order now.

It is best to act sooner rather than later, so don’t delay! We’re sure most of you have things covered and have placed orders already, but if you haven’t, there’s no time like the present.

Why is temperature control so important?

Choosing the right type of packaging no matter what the item is all important to ensure your goods arrive intact, but choosing the right packaging when it comes to food delivery is even more important for your brand integrity. Temperature controlled packaging must:

  • Maintain a stable temperature under 5°c for the duration of transit
  • Securely transport your yummy produce to customers without damage
  • Create an enjoyable unboxing experience
  • Leave customers with a good brand impression to encourage repeat business and positive reviews

Good temperature controlled packaging is essential for items where an increase or decrease in temperature would affect the freshness, quality and safety of any perishable food products.  Without reliable insulation produce can ruin and becoming unsafe for consumption. It is during transit that chilled and frozen foods are at most risk of spoiling, but by using one of our packaging solutions perishables can be protected from thermal shock and will arrive with your customers as fresh as when they were packed.  

Are you ready for the Christmas rush?

Need assistance choosing the most suitable boxes for your ecommerce food delivery boxes?

Help is at hand, JB Packaging is happy to talk you through the options available.

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