No Contact Food Delivery Drop Off Boxes

20 March 2020

In light of the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic more and more households are isolating themselves and social distancing. This in turn means reliance upon either online shopping fulfilment or friends and family to deliver food essentials that can be left at the front door with no contact necessary.

The steps taken by UK supermarkets to ensure fair, consistent supply have spurred us on to think how JB Packaging can help to ensure fresh perishables stay chilled and meals on wheels style deliveries arrive hot and ready to consume.

How can we help?

Simply by keeping those food deliveries hot and cold. For nearly 40 years JB Packaging has specialised in providing insulated boxes for a wide range of food industries to keep contents hot or cold but crucially, fresh.

Our thermal boxes can be of assistance for no-contact essential food drop offs and hot meals on wheels services that can be left at the door step of those families that are self-isolating. For those who are isolating the boxes can also provide a convenient location for food drop offs to keep food fresh before bringing it into the home.

Food Contact Safe and Easy to Handle - Reusable and recyclable

Our standard insulated boxes and deluxe boxes both offer excellent insulation, are hygienic and food-contact safe approved. With finger recesses built into the boxes they are also easy to handle.

Who Are Our Boxes For?

  • Pubs and restaurants making food deliveries
  • Shops making local food drops offs
  • Delivery rounds of free school meals
  • Farm food shops
  • Supermarkets fulfilling online orders
  • Storage of food in the boot of your car
  • Fishmongers
  • Butchers

Our 20kg boxes are a good size and are ideal for both delivery and storage applications

We Supply to the Public

If you are supporting family, friends or neighbours, boxes can offer a cool storage place for shopping. Or, for individuals the boxes can offer a good place for others to drop off food essentials.
Our boxes are available singly or as large parcels or pallet loads to suit all users.  

Our Offer

As of now and until further notice we have discounted our insulated box range so you can save 10%
use code “giveme10” at the Shopping Basket. Offer expires 22/05/20

Who are we?

JB Packaging in Torpoint has been keeping the humble “catch of the day” fresh for nearly 40 years. Now part of Engineered Foam Products, we are a leading manufacturer of highly versatile Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Expanded Polypropylene insulated (EPP) packaging containers in the UK.

Engineered Foam Products also manufacture a wide range of other innovative products from expanded foam such as the HOTBIN Composter. The HOTBIN is a clever piece of kit which harnesses the insulation properties of EPP to create a hot composting environment where temperatures soar to 40-60°c. This allows for the efficient composting of nearly all waste including cooked food and perennial weeds. It even won the RHS Chelsea Product of the Year too!

Why Choose EPS or EPP Food Boxes?

EPS and EPP have superior thermal insulating properties which can maintain temperature-sensitive products either cold or hot for longer than other packaging types.

EPS insulated containers keep cold perishables such as fish and meat cold for shorter distances. However, when used in combination with gel packs and other refrigerants, perishables transported in EPS shippers can maintain stable temperatures under 5°C for as long as 48 hours.

In contrast, EPP insulated containers are typically used for hot thermal protection to keep food hot/warm for shorter distances. EPP containers are often use for catering and home deliveries of hot foods.

JB Packaging manufactures and distributes temperature controlled packaging from UK locations in Torpoint, Cornwall and Livingston, Scotland. There’s no minimum order quantity and a supportive customer service team on hand to assist with your requirements.